The APN way

Our approach is what helps to spark the transformational campaigns  that drives our clients businesses. We take a 360 degree view of our clients’ businesses to build powerful communication programs that deliver real business results.  

This is our how we work:

We hate easy assumptions. We will go where others can’t or won’t go to find out the truth about the people who matter to you. We don’t just rely only on data, we speak to the people you want to reach, go where they go and immerse ourselves in their world. We will give you an insight true and relevant enough to support successful, long-running campaigns.

One voice is more important than a thousand voices. We won’t waste your time and money by trying to reach everyone. We will find, talk to and influence the voices important to your business. We will do this by discovering who your audience listens to and respect and whose words are having the biggest impact.
We believe in ‘real results’. We differ from our competitors in that we measure not just the obvious outcomes such as press clips, page views or event attendees, but also the intangibles such as how our work has directly helped change hearts and minds and most importantly the behaviour of those audiences that matter to you.  We will demonstrate we have changed sentiment and behaviour towards your organization, product or service in ways that meet your business objectives.

We deliver this through a rigorous, non-negotiable six-step planning process called Compass…

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