Samsung NextHero brand affinity campaign

Using football to inspire kids to reach for their dreams.


Sometimes campaigns for the greater good can achieve more for a brand than a product launch. Samsung Mobile wanted to increase its brand awareness and affinity among young people. Our insight was that a lot of hope and success for young people centres around football. We developed a CSR programme covering four countries that would use football to give young people a route out of poverty.

“Football is a source of hope and inspiration for me. I want to better myself and be recognised for my talent just like my footballing heroes”

The Samsung NextHero Campaign was a programme that would identify and nurture young talented footballers from underprivileged backgrounds and award the Next Heroes with high school tuition scholarships. We identified the right partner to implement the campaign and brought the media and key influencers in government on board by implementing a series of campaign activities.


  • Over 10,000 boys and girls participated in the campaign
  • 31 underprivileged kids were identified as Next Heroes and awarded a one year academic scholarship each
  • The campaign generated a total of 75 stories -all with key campaign message
  • Results from post-campaign perception surveys among media gatekeepers and the target audiences showed that these audiences considered the central campaign theme of nurturing and building talent among underprivileged youth an authentic claim.
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