Public Awareness and Integrated Communications

Programmes in the public sphere are hugely vulnerable to failure, often because they have failed to achieve buy-in from stakeholders.

We never underestimate the importance of carefully crafted, cost-effective communications in achieving this buy-in. When done well, they can build partnerships and encourage collaboration.

We start at an advantage – we have a long history of creating integrated programmes for the social good, which means APN is aware of the complications that can arise and we are fully able to overcome obstacles to achieve the right result.

The foundation of success is always the integration of various disciplines and channels that affect public perception. By designing campaigns  that influence this entire ecosystem, we  ensure the public receives a consistent and coherent message.

This is how we do it:

  • We connect insight with the overall strategy
  • We use a proprietary tool that uncovers the real relationship between you and your stakeholders
  • We integrate communication as a key driver of your programme
  • We establish and build stakeholder support across a wide base of influencers and opinion leaders, including  faith-based bodies, civil society, business leaders,  policy makers and academia among others.
  • We involve the media as a partner to publicize your programme goals and objectives

Our work in this sphere includes  ground breaking campaigns such as the wildly successful 2009 Kenya National Census and those that helped build support for the water sector reforms, and the ambitious Governance, Justice and Law & Order Reform Sector Programme.  Currently we are overseeing the implementation of the public awareness campaign  to build support on the benefits of  the East African Integration for the Ministry of East African Community under contract from Trade Mark East Africa – The Journey is on Course

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