Our Offering

We call our offering a 360 degree, integrated approach because we are able to use a large number of interconnected channels and techniques to reach and engage  your audience.  Each client is different, but at Apex Porter Novelli, we provide outstanding programmes to deliver measurable results that drive your business goals.  Our offering is organized around areas of expertise that encompass corporate communication, medical and health care, consumer marketing,  and integrated public awareness communication. We deliver our work through a  suite of communication disciplines– from media relations, influencer outreach, social and digital media,  special events, community mobilization and yes– advertising.  

This means that while we understand the importance of traditional media relations (and this is something we’ve been carrying out with great success ), we know it isn’t adequate any longer to concentrate purely on the press. We need to manage the entire influence ecosystem that surrounds a client’s stakeholders, asking how else we can amplify your message via multiple channels according to where your audience will be most receptive to your message.

If we were trying, for example, to reach the general population with a message about well being, we will  approach the press, but we will  reach them through their favourite social media channels such as Face book and Twitter , inviting them to join in a conversation about their experiences. Similarly, if we were trying to reach  opinion leaders, we will run a series of workshops or speaker events that will help create a more intimate connection, as well as reaching them through the media

We are inspired by the objective, not the channel.

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