Clients come to us because they want change to happen – opinions, decisions, impressions, attitudes and behaviours. Compass is the way we that affect change. Simple, accessible and logical, this planning tool enables us to do this successfully and measurably.

Here are the key steps:
1. Define objectives. We ask what change you are trying to achieve and why. Then we decide on a measurable objective that we can work towards.
2. Identify audiences. We find out who you are trying to reach and ensure your audience is the right one for your business objectives.
3. Generate insights. It’s not enough to use market data about your audience, we need to know who they are, what they feel and why they behave the way they do. We will undertake intensive research that delves into their thoughts and feelings so we can discover the trigger for change.
4. Develop strategy and the big idea. We translate our insight and other industry and market intelligence into a coherent strategy supported by a ‘big idea’, or creative direction.
5. Choose messages and tactics. Informed by our strategy and big idea, we decide on the channels, messaging and actions that will resonate most with your audience.
6. Assess and learn. We measure the results of our programme, ask whether we have met our objectives and determine how we can improve in the future.

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